Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Magento 2 Migration for Juno Showers

We have been working with Juno Showers for the last 6 years. Their initial store was developed by us on Magento 1.7 and we were also in charge of security upgrade and maintenance of the store.

We are a Magento development agency in India and developing online stores with Magento since 2011.

In July this year (2019), they showed interest to migrate their online store to Magento 2 knowing the fact the official support for the Magento 1 platform is scheduled to end in June 2020. It was a good idea to plan the migration at this point instead of pushing it to the end.

Scope of the Magento 2 Migration Process

1. Upgrade from Magento 1.9.x to Magento 2.3.x

The first step towards the migration was upgrading the Magento core itself to Magento 2.3.x. We started with a fresh setup of Magento 2 on our local server to begin the migration.  

2. Migrate Complete store data 

As a second step towards migration, we migrated complete store data to the new Magento 2 setup. It included migration of - 

- Customers & Subscribers
- Orders, Invoice & Shipments 
- Product Categories & Products
- Tax Rules
- CMS Pages & Blocks
- Store Configuration

3. Develop a new custom Magento 2 theme 

Juno Showers was initially built on a ready-made theme in Magento 1 and we experienced several issues with performance optimization. We wanted to avoid all those issues with new platform and a custom theme was a better option to keep complete control on the resources and libraries included in the theme. 

At the same time, we also wanted to improve on the UI & UX of the store along with some performance optimization. See below a snapshot of the store to see visual differences.  

Snapshot of Magento 1 Store

Snapshot of Magento 2 Store

We have experienced and certified Magento 2 Frontend developers in our team who carried out the development of a new Magento 2 theme for Juno Showers from scratch.

Looking for a custom Magento 2 Store? Hire dedicated Magento 2 developer from our team. 

4. Migration/Development of required extension

On Magento 1 store we had some third party extensions which were essential for the Magento 2 store as well. It included - 

- Onestep Checkout Extension
- SEO Toolkit
- Reward Points
- Product Q&A

Product Q&A extension was a custom extension developed by in Magento 1 and we developed a compatible extension in Magento 2 for the same.  

5. Payment & Shipping Configuration

6. Setup the server & deploy 

Juno Shower After Magento 2 Migration

Home page - 
Product Listing Page

Product Detail Page


Product Detail Page

Magento 2 Migration Service
Are you still using Magento 1? or you looking to migrate to Magento 2 from any other system like Shopify or BigCommerc etc? We at Axis Web Art is a leading Magento development company in India with an in-house team of 35+ backend and front-end Magento developers. 

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

B2C eCommerce, why not B2B [Checkout a case study]

Nowadays eCommerce is not just selling to customers. With technological advancement and ease of process & operation with it, Online business to business trade [b2b eCommerce] is an emerging trend.

In recent years B2C eCommerce has got most of media attention and limelight, B2B eCommerce is also growing simultaneously and its higher revenue generator for the organization than B2C.
B2B sellers are now recognizing the importance of customer experience & ease of operation offered by new technologies where their business customers got access to all their products, pricing, stock, product specification at the tap of their fingers.

It's also important to keep in mind that business customers are also used to with typical workflows of B2C eCommerce and therefore any solution developed for B2B customers should not heavily differ from typical B2C workflows.

What B2B customers expect? 

The biggest advantage of eCommerce over traditional commerce is the amount of time it saves in the ordering process. B2B customers definitely want to take advantage of this. Here is what a B2B customer expect from an eCommerce website - 

  1. Complete control on their purchase
  2. Ability to check stock availability
  3. Access to updated real-time pricing
  4. Easy process of placing orders that allows them to put multiple items in the order in desired quantity
  5. Ability to order based on their past order history
  6. Flexible payment options like Purchase order, Invoice on Account along with online instant payment option
  7. Ability to print the invoice, delivery order and track the shipment on its way
  8. Email notification about the order, shipment, price change, etc
  9. In many cases, a B2B customer also expects the ability to get a quote of items of interest before placing the real order. 
  10. A dedicated sales and customer service representative to handle their queries

A case study on B2B eCommerce - 

The B2B eCommerce space is evolving fast.

By the various current reports, analysts have projected that global B2B eCommerce revenue will exceed $6.7 trillion by 2020.
Being an eCommerce development company we have developed solutions for many organizations worldwide to facilitate B2B eCommerce. Check out one of the case studies of such a solution we developed for a New Delhi based electronics brand BizPlus. The case study will give a good overview of what are the technical challenges, expectations from customers, expectations from a business owner along with the final solution we provided and the outcome. 

Read the complete case study here - Bizpluss B2B eCommerce Case Study

Also, check a detailed case study on BigCommerce about B2B eCommerce and some successful brands already adapting the online commerce for their business. 

Looking for a similar B2B eCommerce solution for your brand? You can contact Axis Web Art, web development and digital marketing company in India.