Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Essential Elements for Successful Business Website

In early days of website and online business, having a website with basic business information with contact details was good enough. Those days are gone now. Doing business and business online has changed completely.

In this era of information technology, website is most essential part of your business and when you think to launch a website you should hire a web design company who deeply understands the delicate science of conversions, layouts and consumer behavior.

Recent Studies give insights that visitors on website leaves 90% of the website they visit withing seven seconds or less. Don't you want your website to be in that 10% website which visitor finds interesting and exactly what they were looking for ?

You have these seven seconds to engage your visitors to stay for a longer time. This article covers 14 Essential Elements for Successful Business Website so your website can stand out from the crowd and deliverers the results it was intended for.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Guide to Launch your first eCommerce Store

eCommerce industry being the fasted growing industry providing lots of opportunity to setup a new business or e-launch your existing retail or traditional family business.  It is the fastest growing industry with online sales posing unexpected growth year after year.  Now is the best time to launch your own online eCommerce store.

Internet users all around the world are rapidly growing and the easy of online shopping is attracting them towards it. Paying online has also eased with lots of payment options in form of cards and digital payment methods.

With all these positive signals and declining growth in traditional retail business, we have seen significant increase in the investment in the eCommerce sector.

When somebody think of launching an eCommerce website, it might sound like a huge undertaking, but with advancement of web technologies its not that hard as you may think.

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